UV blocking clothing 2

UV blocking clothing 2
UV Protection Clothing – Protect Yourself from the Sun

The first thing that comes into mind whenever we think about sun protection clothing are long sleeves, pants, and hats to protect ourselves from the direct rays of the sun. We simply think that we are safe from the sun just because we wear clothing that covers a large portion of our skin. Well its pretty safe for us to be wrong for once in our lives though. find out more

Research says

There are a large number of studies that have proven the little known fact that our lightweight clothes we usually wear are unable to protect us from ultraviolet rays. What this means is that despite the long flowing pants and sleeves that we wear during the summer, we are still affected and exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays that come along with the sun’s rays. So wearing long sleeves and pants are not the solution but instead, the perfect solution is to wear the proper kind of sun protective clothing or UV protective clothing.

We all know the effects of long unprotected exposure to the sun, we know this because of the many studies that we can find all over regarding the topic but a vast majority of our knowledge comes from our very own personal experiences.

The right fabrics.

Now that you are familiar with uv blocking clothing you should know that not all of them are equal. It is now up to you to find the perfect fabric that will help you protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

When talking about fabric it is important for us to discuss about the weave first, a rule of thumb is that looser woven fabric provide lesser sun protection to the wearer. To be able to see the cloth’s weave tightness, try holding it up to a light source, if you can see a lot of light that passes through, this means the same or more amount of sunlight will also pass through. View https://www.bloquv.com/womens-tops 

The next thing for us to talk about is the fabric’s color. As you might have noticed darker colored fabric have lesser amount of light pass through them. This means that black is going to be able to protect you more from the sun than white.

But color and weave can only go so far in providing UV protection. UV protective clothing have been out in the market for some time, it is made out of a fabric that has been treated with UV inhibiting solutions and the fabric is a lot more tightly woven. The fabric that is used is nylon, but some are made out of other fibers such as polyester and cotton. These uv clothing have features unique to them such as air vents to keep the wearer cool and an added roll up collar to add an extra level of neck protection.

Learn more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzWcsjDWguY